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Parallel Synthesis Laboratory (PSL)

LCC’s PSL is co-located with our novel, diverse, chiral synthons, for rapid library synthesis, hit follow-up and lead optimisation

How could LCC’s PSL help you?

Our PSL is equipped to handle several types of clients projects and capable of synthesising thousands of compounds per month. Additionally, being co-located with novel, chiral building blocks, we have the perfect combination for producing high-quality, ready-to-use compound libraries.

Hit Exploration and Lead Optimisation with Near-Neighbour Analogue Access

Expert team onsite to support your projects with effective SAR exploration in a variety of ways including:

  • Near neighbour analogues readily available off-the-shelf
  • Build custom virtual libraries based on your hits
  • Rapidly synthesise your chosen hits from the virtual library
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Service and Product Provider

We operate under both a FFS and FTE model, giving you the option of using both our novel synthons and parallel chemistry team to explore and optimise your hits.

Examples of potential projects:

  • A client screens our fragment library, get some hits, and uses our lead-like virtual library as a way of selecting lead-like molecules which are based on the fragment hits.
  • A client screens our virtual library, gets hits, and we synthesise them in our parallel synthesis laboratory.
  • A client has independently identified a lead series based on molecules with e.g. a chiral piperidine core. The client then selects near-neighbour analogues based on LCC’s collection of chiral piperidine scaffolds/fragments from which to design and synthesize lead-like analogues around the hit series.

The Team


Tony Huxley

Head of Chemistry

Ross Goodyear

Deputy Team Leader

Joshua Bell

Research Chemist

Dominic Green

Research Chemist

Edward Howe

Research Chemist

Adam Dingle

Research Chemist

Parallel Synthesis Laboratory