We have combined BioTools' know-how in vibrational circular dichroism with LCC's expertise in chiral chemistry. By joining forces, both companies are aiming to speed up discoveries in order to bring novel, stereo-defined, enantioenriched compounds to the market.


BioTools offers lab services for absolute configuration of chiral molecules, which is critical in any types of chemical industries regarding the importance of chirality in our world. Once provided with structure and sample, they will do the measurement and calculation. 'The obtained final report can be used for submission to regulatory agencies, patent protection, publications and internal results.


Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) has been demonstrated as a reliable method for absolute configuration determinations and offers a powerful alternative to the classical X-ray crystallography. The absolute stereochemistry is established by comparing the recorded VCD spectrum to the results of an ab initio quantum chemistry calculation.

In other words, BioTools is providing chirality determination at a glance.

  • No physical form requirement (sample provided as neat liquid/oil or solution)
  • No extra effort needed (chemical derivatization, growing of crystal, specific functional group, ...)
  • Low quantity (5-10mg) of recoverable (90-95%) material required
  • The experiment takes 1-12h and the calculation up to a few days
  • Recognized by the authorities


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