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Heterobifunctional Linkers

Reach new opportunities in your PROTACs, AUTACs, LYTACs & other bifunctional molecule programmes by accessing LCC's novel linkers

Use LCC’s Heterobifunctional Linkers to control the structural orientation of your chemistry

LCC's proprietary set of unique linkers enable synthesis of novel bifunctional molecules with improved drug-like properties. Our semi-flexible linkers are designed to modulate the physicochemical properties of bifunctional molecules through focusing on four key design parameters:

  • Low number of rotatable bonds, to give higher confirmational control
  • Avoid hydrogen bond donors to improve cell permeability
  • Varied linker length with rigid core scaffolds
  • Different combinations of terminal synthetic handles

Key advantages of LCC’s linkers

  • >1,600 in-stock rigid difunctional synthons with diverse exit vectors
  • ≥95% chemical and enantiomeric purity
  • Novel synthons with potential IP advantages
  • No additional HBD’s
  • Reduced number of rotatable bonds

Interested in novel Linkers?

If the compounds you are looking for are not yet in our pipeline, but align with our expertise, our R&D Team is ready to tackle whatever comes next.

Novel, Semi-Flexible Linkers for Heterobifunctionals - LCC