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3D-Rich Fragments

Explore new chemical space with access to 3D-rich, covalent, and enantiopair fragments

Covalent Fragments

LCC’s Parallel Synthesis Laboratory is co-located with our in-stock synthons, meaning we can efficiently synthesise sets of covalent fragments. With a focus on chirally-pure material, we specialise in providing sets of enantiomers with absolute stereochemistry determined. Racemic and achiral material is also available.

Format Amount Price
96 or 384-well plate 5umol of 100mM DMSO solutions Request a quote
96 or 384-well plate 25umol of 100mM DMSO solutions Request a quote
Custom Custom Request a quote

Novel, 3D-rich, diverse, in-stock fragment library

  • 1,000 member Ro3 compliant fragment library, with >100 fluorinated fragments
  • Predominantly 3D-rich, with a balance of sp3-sp2 character, and a low number of rotatable bonds (saturated cyclic core scaffolds)
  • Good property space - measured and predicted water solubility, predicted membrane permeability, 3D-character and sphere-like molecules
  • Fragments (+ near-neighbour analogues) available for rapid follow-up

Available pre-plated in DMSO solution, or custom plating in solid form

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Parameter Count
MW ≤300
Rotatable Bonds ≤3
H-donors 3
AlogP ≤3
Chiral Centres 0 - 3
Synthetic Handle Count 0 - 3
% homochiral 42%
Fsp3 ≥0.7 (20%)
≥0.5 - <0.7 (30%)
≥0.3 - <0.5 (30%)
≥0 - <0.3 (20%)


Introducing LCC's 3DiscoveryTM platform


Move from Ro3 (fragment-like) to Ro4 (lead-like) space using LCC's platform, which has been designed through combining our 3D-rich fragment library with computational expertise and parallel synthesis capabilities.

Chiral Fragments Library - LCC