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Hit Identification to Lead Optimisation

Discover how LCC’s highly developable chemical space has been designed to support projects from hit identification, to hit expansion and lead optimisation



Lead Optimisation

  • Expert team on-site for supporting client projects and working collaboratively on the design/selection/prioritisation of the nearest neighbour analogues for rapid and effective SAR exploration
  • Parallel Synthesis Laboratory, combined with computational expertise and co-located with novel synthons allows for efficient follow-up support
  • Enantiopairs readily available, with high purity (≥95%, ≥95% e.e.) and confirmed stereochemistry
  • Progress from Ro3 fragment hits through to high-quality drug-like chemical space using LCC’s 1.4Bn Virtual Library



Lead Optimisation with near neighbour-analogues

Use the Parallel Synthesis Team’s expertise to explore near neighbour analogues…

LCC’s Parallel Synthesis lab is conveniently located with the stock, meaning rapid and effective SAR exploration is easily accessible for the expert team onsite to support client projects.


Find Out More About The Parallel Synthesis Laboratory



Hit Identification to Lead Optimisation