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Synthons for DEL Synthesis

Use LCC’s novel, diverse, low MW scaffolds to efficiently produce novel, diverse and lead-like DELs

Access Novel 3D-Rich, Highly Functionalised Synthons


Key advantages of LCC’s DEL synthons

We focus on 3D-rich compounds to cover some of the gaps in the existing chemical space, granting access to unique compounds, to enrich your DNA-Encoded Libraries.

Our onsite PSL team are then on-hand ready for immediate follow-up and hit expansion; with access to nearest neighbour analogues to help fine-tune your hits, as well as hit scale-up support services.

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  • Diverse array of heterocyclic, 3D-rich compounds
  • Validated for DEL synthesis
  • Synthetic handles compatible for on-DNA reactions
  • Mono / Di / Trifunctionalised
  • Low molecular weight
  • Racemic and chirally-pure material available

Representative Examples of Synthon Categories

Novel Scaffolds for DEL Synthesis - LCC