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Hit Identification to Lead Optimisation

Discover how LCC’s highly developable chemical space has been designed to support projects from hit identification, to hit expansion and lead optimisation.




Our Approach

Designed to deliver quality and rapid science to our clients, LCC’s chirally-pure, sp3-rich scaffolds are co-located with our expert chemistry team and parallel synthesis laboratory.

  • Expert team onsite for rapid and effective SAR exploration of highly functionalised scaffolds
  • Parallel Synthesis Laboratory synthesising up to 5000 compounds per month. Co-located with building block collections and synthetic chemistry team to optimise DMTA cycles
  • Enantiopairs readily available and primed to cap with covalent warheads
  • 1.4Bn member Ultra-Large Virtual Library
  • Focused libraries
  • 3DiscoveryTM platform to expedite Hit to Lead

Products and Services

LCC supports orthogonal Hit Identification approaches and technologies:

  • >2,800 novel mono, di, and tri-functionalised DEL scaffolds
  • Pre-plated enantiopair fragment libraries
  • Stand-alone predominantly 3D-rich, Ro3-compliant fragment library
  • Ultra-Large Virtual Library of >1.4Bn drug-like molecules – rapid synthesis in LCC’s Parallel Synthesis Laboratory to produce physical compounds for testing
  • Virtual kinase, GPCR and covalent fragment libraries – poised for rapid synthesis
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LCC - Novel | Diverse | Chiral

Founded in 2014, LCC is now established as one of the top chemical technology innovators in the industry.

We believe that curiosity driven by purpose leads to new ideas and faster progress. By offering improved access to 3D chemical space, we help to accelerate the discovery and development of high-quality drugs.

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Latest Products

Innovative thinking at LCC drives new ideas, and the collaborative work of the team executes them. Read more here about the latest products at LCC:

Ultra-Large Virtual Library (ULVL)


We have designed and enumerated a 1.4Bn member Ultra-Large Virtual Library that can be screened in 3D. It is stereodefined, diverse, novel, 3D-rich and synthetically tractable.

The library has been designed by reaction-based enumeration of LCC’s proprietary (chiral) scaffolds, which are co-located with our parallel synthesis laboratory for rapid synthesis of hits.


Screen LCC's ULVL in 3D using OpenEye's Orion® platform, which provides accurate conformational sampling and retains the chirality.

Covalent Virtual Library

We have designed and enumerated a covalent virtual library based on LCC's chirally-pure, multi-functional scaffolds.

The covalent VL includes >800k compounds functionalised with the same warhead (acrylamide) and it has been enumerated based on the scheme shown (left):

  • The workflow used for the enumeration is flexible and can be adapted to any commercial/bespoke warhead which can be installed via amide formation
  • All chemical transformations involved in the first step have been validated in our parallel synthesis lab as well as the incorporation of 10s of common warheads
  • Compounds can be synthesised within a couple of weeks in our parallel synthesis lab

Kinase-Focused Virtual Library

LCC is excited to announce our new Kinase-Focused VL featuring pre-defined near-neighbour analogues:

  • 4.5M member virtual library featuring LCC chirally-pure, 3D-rich synthons
  • Includes known hinge binding/allosteric motifs
  • Compounds can be rapidly synthesised in LCC Parallel Synthesis Laboratory

>1 Billion ULVL screened in 3D on a cloud-based platform

OpenEye, Cadence Molecular Sciences

LCC and OpenEye, Cadence Molecular Sciences are proud to announce the launch of a drug-like virtual library of >1 billion compounds that will be available in OpenEye’s cloud-native Orion® molecular design platform.

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