The company started in 2014, based on the discoveries made in the Xiao group, about the enantioselective reduction of pyridines to the corresponding chiral piperdines.

The Xiao group rapidly realised the potential of these researches, as many marketed drugs contain substituted piperidine rings. These initial discoveries led to the formation of LCC.

Since then, we’ve enhanced the scope of our expertise to provide leading scientific organisations around the world with access to chirally-pure compounds that play their part in small molecule drug discovery.

Thanks to our chemical technologies, unique chiral building blocks are available. Our compounds fit the 3D-rich category that, before, remained scarce within existing chemical space. This unique set-up of synthons is now available for your research programme(s), from hit identification to lead optimisation.

Through an ethos of purposeful curiosity, we innovate within our field so that our customers can bring new drugs to market faster, better and easier.



We have recently moved to new labs in Runcorn to facilitate the combination of our production facilities with our R&D and PSL teams. The move also allows LCC to keep expanding our team and capabilities as we continue to accelerate your discovery


Runcorn, England

Headquarters and R&D Centre, Liverpool

Paul Colbon, PhD

CEO & Founder

Stuart Noble


Malcolm Stewart


Chris Swain, PhD


Prof. Jianliang Xiao, PhD


Steve Djuric, PhD


Prof. Brian Cox, PhD


Ilaria Proietti Silvestri, PhD

Head of Product Design

Mark Jones

Head of PSL

Mark Barnes

Operations Manager

Caroline Couturier

Financial Controller

Tony Huxley

Head of Business Development


Whilst our very first success was based on the catalytic enantioselective reduction of pyridines, we continue to rapidly enhance the scope of our expertise, to provide a broad range of chiral (N-)heterocycles.

Through years of research, we have learned how to take advantage of asymmetric hydrogenation reactions, catalytic cross-couplings, and cyclisation chemistries. With a highly skilled R&D team, we look to develop new and innovative solutions to give you access to tomorrow’s compounds.

  • Production of privileged heterocyclic building blocks using expert synthetic technologies.
  • Variety of (N)-heterocycles readily accessible.
  • LCC’s compounds are available racemic and chirally-pure.
  • Excellent chemical and enantiomeric purity.