Taizhou Chemists

Chunyang Pu Liverpool ChiroChem

Chunyang Pu

Production Manager

Chunyang graduated from Lanzhou University in 2005 and had been in chemical research and synthesis works for years at Wuxi Apptech Co., before joining LCC. Good at new drug development and synthesis of drug intermediates

Chuanbo Yang Liverpool ChiroChem

Chuanbo Yang

Project Manager

Chuanbo gained a PhD at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been engaged in synthetic route design and project management for more than ten years in many well-known enterprises. He likes running, badminton and hiking.

Zhuxiong Xu Liverpool ChiroChem

Zhuxiong Xu

Team Leader

Zhuxiong graduated Nanjing Normal University with a master’s degree in applied chemistry (Organic Synthesis) . Before joining LCC he has successively worked at Wuxi Apptech Co., Ltd., hangPharm Corp., Waterstone pharma Co., Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Research Institute. Has nearly seven years of CRO experience and nearly six years of API process R&D and pilot scale-up production experience. He is interested in the synthesis of novel chemical small molecules and active drug molecules. Personally, he likes playing badminton and watching movies.

Zhi Li Liverpool ChiroChem

Zhi Li

Team Leader

Has five and a half years of experience in drug synthesis. Proficient in literature review, route design and efficient and rapid access to target compounds and scaling-up from milligrams to kilograms. Did name reactions likeC-Ccoupling (suzuki coupling, stille coupling and heck coupling), C-N coupling (Buchwald coupling, Chan–Lam coupling and Ullman coupling ), Swern Oxidation, Vilsmeier Haack reaction, sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation, etc., and synthesized various nitrogen-containing heterocyclic derivatives.

Xiaogang Fan Liverpool ChiroChem

Xiaogang Fan

Team Leader

Graduated from Shanxi Normal University with a master's degree in organic chemistry in 2013 and then worked in well-known enterprises like STA pharma and Pharmaron engaging in process research & development and small molecule synthesis, being good at process development and recrystallization. He likes movies and music.

Yangpeng Xu Liverpool ChiroChem

Yangpeng Xu


Yangpeng graduated from Nanjing Forestry University majoring in Polymer Materials and Engineering. His hobby is music and his life motto is be honest.

Ming Chen Liverpool ChiroChem

Ming Chen


Worked in Pharmaron Beijing for 2 years. To be the best is the motto of my alma mater, which I have been pursuing.

Jian Ding Liverpool ChiroChem

Jian Ding


Graduated from Jiangsu Normal University majoring in applied chemistry and has four years experience in organic synthesis.

Cheng Qian Liverpool ChiroChem

Cheng Qian


Cheng graduated from Nanjing University Jinling College. He likes basketball as well as other sports.

Pengxiao Su Liverpool ChiroChem

Pengxiao Su


Pengxiao graduated from Changzhou University majoring in Pharmaceutical Engineering in 2016. Since then he has been working in organic synthesis, he likes a research job. After work he usually reads books or plays badminton or some electronic games.

Tongyu Wu Liverpool ChiroChem

Tongyu Wu


Tongyu majored in applied chemistry and has eight years of organic synthesis working experience. He likes swimming, cycling and basketball. He is optimistic and positive.

Junjie Xu Liverpool ChiroChem

Junjie Xu


Junjie graduated from Yangzhou University majoring in applied chemistry. He is experienced in research and synthesis of new drugs. Likes cooking and reading novels.

Tianming Yang Liverpool ChiroChem

Tianming Yang


Tianming graduated from Ningxia University majoring in applied chemistry, he is experienced in the pharmaceutical intermediates industry and good at pilot-scale enlargement. He is honest with a strong sense of responsibility he likes basketball and table tennis.

Di Yin Liverpool ChiroChem

Di Yin


Di graduated from Jiangsu Institute of Technology majoring in applied chemistry. His hobbies include reading, tourism and cooking his life motto is learn to choose, learn to give up!

Lijun Yuan Liverpool ChiroChem

Lijun Yuan


Lijun graduated from Yancheng Institute of Technology majoring in chemical technology. His hobbies are tourism, watching movies and playing games. His life motto is not just about survival, but poetry and distance.

Youming Feng Liverpool ChiroChem

Youming Feng

Assistant Chemist

Graduated from China Pharmaceutical University in 2016. He likes swimming, singing and tourism.

Yi Sun Liverpool ChiroChem

Yi Sun

Assistant Chemist

Yi is a new graduate he is optimistic, hard working, willing to learn and curious for all.

Yikang Gong Liverpool ChiroChem

Yikang Gong

Industrial Placement Student

Yikang is on a placement from Taizhou Institute of Sci. & Tech of NTT and is ready to continue his postgraduate studies after graduation. He enjoys sports like running and going to the gym.

Zhuancheng Pan Liverpool ChiroChem

Zhuancheng Pan

Industrial Placement Student

On a placement from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Hanlin College. He likes to play basketball, billiards and going swimming. Zhuancheng has done many part-time jobs such as a personal tutor for children, a waiter and doing summer jobs in factories.

Peng Wang Liverpool ChiroChem

Peng Wang

Industrial Placement Student

Peng is on a placement from Taizhou Institute of Sci.&Tech of NTT, he likes games and chemistry.

Yibo Wang Liverpool ChiroChem

Yibo Wang

Industrial Placement Student

Yibo is on placement from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Hanlin College, he likes swimming.

Yiqi Zang Liverpool ChiroChem

Yiqi Zang

Industrial Placement Student

Yiqi is on placement from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Hanlin College of analysis, majoring in pharmaceutical preparations.

Qiang Zhang Liverpool ChiroChem

Qiang Zhang

Industrial Placement Student

Qiang is on placement from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Hanlin College.

Zhixian Zhong Liverpool ChiroChem

Zhixian Zhong

Industrial Placement Student

Zhixian is on placement from Taizhou Institute of Sci.&Tech of NTT and likes badminton and table tennis.

Ziwen Zhou Liverpool ChiroChem

Ziwen Zhou

Industrial Placement Student

Ziwen is on placement from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Hanlin College. He likes badminton and table tennis.