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Contract Manufacturing and Process development

  • Method development and tech transfer.
  • Reaction optimisation for asymmetric and catalytic processes.
  • Custom library synthesis of chiral N-heterocycles, with a focus on novelty, synthetic utility and desirable pharmacokinetic properties.


  • 4 Highly experienced PhD chemists in all aspects of asymmetric hydrogenation, Pd-coupling and method development.
  • 22 production chemists, 2 analysts and 1 procurement specialist.
  • Carousel reactors and parallel hydrogenator to carry out high throughput screening and DOE studies.
  • Process development and scale-up laboratory with 50L reactor and 20L rotary evaporator.
  • 250mL, 1L and 5L Autoclaves for hydrogenation up to 50 barr.
  • NMR, HPLC and GC analysis and quality control.

Building blocks