Discover LCC's novel, multifunctional, diverse, 3D-rich chemical space giving access to orthogonal hit-identification


>2,800 in-stock DEL-suitable synthons with thousands more in the accessible design space.

Pre-plated options available...

Standard Plate features:

  • LCC selection of Fmoc AA's at a standard scale
  • >70% novel*
  • Range of saturated N-heterocycles


Premium Plate features:

  • LCC selection of more attractive Fmoc AA's
  • >80% novel*
  • Extended range of novel scaffolds e.g., spiro, bicyclic, (ox)azepane, annulated

Standalone 3D-rich, 1000-member fragment library:

  • Available pre-plated in 2D-Barcoded Thermo ScientificTM MatrixTM plates as 100mM DMSO stock solutions
  • Highly developable with near-neighbour analogues (e.g., matched molecular pairs) for lead optimisation

Custom Selections also available: 10mg - 5g pack sizes, priced individually

Pre-plated covalent enantiopair libraries (acrylamide, chloroacetamide, diazirine alkyne):

  • Each selection is composed of 48 enantiopairs. Chosen to maximise novelty and diversity
  • Standardised offering in 100mM DMSO solution, customised options available
  • 2D-Barcoded Thermo ScientificTM MatrixTM plates

>2.8M Lead-like Molecules enumerated based on a careful selection of LCC’s proprietary, mono-substituted, enantiomerically pure, 3D-rich fragments (Ro3), meaning the virtual library can be used for hit expansion of LCC’s fragment hits.

Robust chemical transformations between LCC’s scaffolds and commercially available BB’s: amide, sulfonamide, N-alkylation, N-arylation, urea, and triazole formations.

  • Ro4 lead-like chemical space
  • >70% synthesis success rate

  • Wide spread of sp2-sp3 & MW
  • Diversity-controlled reagent selection

  • Proprietary scaffold collection
  • SureChEMBL novelty assessment

>40 in-stock bifunctional linkers

  • Pack sizes range from 10mg - 5g

Standardised sets available:

  • Categorised according to terminal synthetic handles (e.g. NH / N-Boc, COOH / N-Boc).
  • 50mg, 100mg, 250mg pack sizes

>250 linkers in design space synthesised on request:

  • Various ring scaffolds (e.g. spiro, bicyclic, N-heterocycles)
  • Varying lengths
  • Reduced number of HBD and rotatable bonds

Chemical Space