Building Blocks

Building blocks

Building block  4 structured piperidines

Building blocks 3 structured piperidines

Building blocks 2 structured piperidines

The chemistry team at LCC has vast experience in the production of cyclic amines and chiral N-heterocycles. You can easily browse our stock compounds using the green tab above.

If there are any specific building blocks that you’d like to see in our catalogue, just let us know by email - – and we’ll get to work.

Collaboration between LCC and MedChemica

Liverpool ChiroChem and MEdChemica logos

LCC’s libraries of novel building blocks have been designed in partnership with MedChemica, using their grand rule database and Molecular Match Pair Analysis (MMPA) in order to ensure our small molecules have the optimal ADMET properties. Therefore, you can be sure that using our building blocks will enable you to develop lead-like compounds.