My first encounter with Liverpool Chirochem was at a medicinal chemistry conference and was instantly impressed with their range of saturated heterocycles, especially piperidines that they had on offer. At the time our project chemists were struggling to make halogenated and benzylamine substituted piperidines and after getting a quick and reasonable quote from LCC, I ordered several of them.

Although they quoted a lead-time of up to 3 weeks the material arrived in less than 2, and the compounds supplied were of excellent quality. Since then, the project team has used LCC as our first port of call when we needed to access these difficult to synthesise compounds, as we know that LCC will consistently deliver what we ask of them.

Overall LCC provide an excellent service and we will not hesitate to use them as a routine supplier in the future.

Mark G. McLaughlin | Postdoctoral Training Fellow | Cancer Therapeutics

22nd January 2016