Company Overview

Liverpool ChiroChem (LCC) is a chemistry-based CRO that produces chiral small molecules for biotech/pharmaceutical R&D. Our specialist products can be used as building blocks, fragments and screening compounds to enable small molecule drug discovery. Our chemical technologies provide efficient access to novel chiral building blocks for hit identification and hit-to-lead optimisation.


United Kingdom

Headquarters and R&D Centre
North West England


Analytical Centre & Scale-up Laboratory

LCC’s core technology:

LCC’s catalytic methods give access to a wide range of chiral amines in excellent enantiomeric purity. Our initial focus is on the production and supply of chiral piperidines and other sp3-rich nitrogen heterocycles , which are of great importance to drug discovery and development due to their excellent pharmacokinetic properties e.g. improved solubility and bioavailability.

LCC's technologies were developed through years of research in the areas of asymmetric hydrogenation and Pd-coupling. LCC now provide collaborate services with our customers to optimise key steps in synthetic routes.

LCC’s core strengths:

  • Production of privileged heterocyclic building blocks using expert synthetic technologies, thus making them readily accessible, chirally pure and available on scale
  • ee data provided for every chiral product
  • Excellent chemical and enantiomeric purity
  • In-depth knowledge of asymmetric hydrogenation and Pd-coupling

Selected Examples of LCC's (a)chiral amines:

Chiral Amines

Established in Liverpool, United Kingdom, June 2014.

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Liverpool ChiroChem is part of EnterprisePlus, the Royal Society of Chemistry's service for micro, small and medium-sized companies.